10 Tips to Make your Newsletter Better

Jan 18, 2022 Laura Garofalo

🚀  Here are 10 key learnings since launching our newsletter one year ago:

✔️ Align your business + marketing goals. What are your intentions? Do you want to grow your email database? Are you trying to increase website traffic? Or do you simply want to establish credibility and authority with your audience? Start by knowing the “why” behind the content.

✔️ Tailor to the community. Are you talking to Gen Z consumers or senior business leaders? The tone and content need to match, which means your writer needs to understand your audiences.

✔️ Pick a frequency. Take stock of your time and resources and choose a schedule that’s doable for the long term. Pro tip: Create a content pace people can rely on (and once a month is not nearly enough). Weekly is our sweet spot. 

✔️ Keep things simple. People’s minds are cluttered right now. Format the newsletter into sections, play with space and think about the flow. It’s an easy mistake to over-mention company happenings and throw all the promotional stuff in there. We choose one focused theme each week to make the content feel cohesive. 

✔️ Make your evergreen content timely. Have you been blogging for years? Take the subject matter from OG posts and transform it into new content using a fresh tone and format. Just make sure the key points or advice are still accurate. And use keyword research to guide your editorial planning. 

✔️ Tie in a news hook. The content might be evergreen but you need to make it relevant to what’s happening now. Live in the intersection of your company news and the world news. 

✔️ Repeat your key messages. The themes and content might change week-to-week, but the messaging stays the same and is the common thread. We believe that it’s not a message unless it’s repeated. The result? You establish a clear POV. 

✔️ Play with tone. We have fun with this and even throw in a few Elon Musk jokes now and then. B2B content doesn’t need to be boring. Establish a “voice” and let it evolve over time. 

✔️ Nail the subject line. No “News from Inkhouse.”

✔️ Connect IRL. Your feedback online and offline keeps us going (and makes the newsletter content better). Listen to your internal and external audiences—and finetune your approach. Pro tip: not all content is meant to be communicated via newsletter. Should it be a social post from your CEO? Maybe it’s a blog post? You’ve got options. 

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Laura Garofalo

Laura is the vice president of marketing at Inkhouse.

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